While there are some areas of the country that have been plagued with foreclosures within the luxury real estate realm, recent reports regarding the New York City luxury real estate market have revealed that this industry is still thriving. In fact, real estate attorneys from the New York City market, reveal that this industry has been ‘on fire’ over the past year. This is particularly true for the third and fourth quarters of this year. While the New York City market is general has been continuing to thrive, even with the prices of real estate in the city continuing to grow, looking at these statistics has revealed that it is the luxury neighborhoods in the area that have been outperforming other regions of the city. Manhattan, which is also home to some of the most famous luxury properties in the city, has particularly seen growth and success within the industry.

According to a recent statement from some of the team at Proskauer Rose LLP, not only has the industry seen some remarkably high prices paid over the past few months for different properties, but professionals expect that this booming success and the high prices for real estate http://www.cialishowtobuy.com will continue to stay constant over the next few months. There are many who are attributing the volume and price of properties being sold to the influx of foreign investors http://cialishowtobuy.com/ coming to New York City; while others are claiming that there is a current ‘feeding frenzy’ that is happening when luxury properties do become available on the market. This is the same environment that began to emerge right before the crash of 2008.

No matter what the reason is for this ‘frenzy’ there is no arguing that there is a certain hunger within the market for high end properties in New York City. The high demand has caused the prices of these luxury homes to increase in some areas as well, but that hasn’t stopped buyers from investing in these homes, perhaps before the prices increase even more. This is not only being seen with high end residential properties, but with high end commercial properties as well. According to experts within the industry, office buildings in areas such as downtown Manhattan are also seeing the same trends within the market and the influx of demand and prices for luxury buildings in this highly covetable location.