This year, for the first time ever, the Super Bowl is going to be held in East Rutherford, NJ and for the first time ever, New York City is going to be a co-host for this monumental sporting event. The upcoming Super Bowl is not only drawing in the attention of sports fans but of those in the real estate market as well. This is because some of New York City’s finest luxury real estate properties are now being offered for rent in honor of the big day. Many of these homeowners have never been landlords before, but they are offering their homes up for rent or for sale in honor of the Super Bowl. During Super Bowl week, sports fans can rent a downtown Manhattan apartment for $3,000 a day, or a five bedroom penthouse near Times Square for $65,000 a month. This is the same duplex that is currently for sale for $20.33 million. While some are simply using this opportunity to make some fast cash for the weekend or the entire week, there are others who are viewing this as a unique way to get the word out about their luxury New York City properties.

There are many who look at these luxury New York City property offerings and wonder why so many homes in downtown are being offered up when the stadium is still about 30 minutes away. This is because most of the high-profile parties surrounding the Super Bowl and other related events will be taking place in and near Manhattan. This means those who can afford it and want to get in on all of the downtown action, will not only want to lounge in style for the week, but be near the NYC Super Bowl party scene.

What many what to know is who will be able to afford some of these homes for the week or the weekend, as luxury New York City properties are known for being some of the most expensive in the country. For many who are looking to rent out their homes, their target consumers are the athletes’ families who are coming in from out of town to take in all of the Super Bowl festivities. Whether property owners are looking to make a little extra money, cover their mortgage for the month, or advertise their unique luxury real estate in the city; there are hundreds of New York City luxury homes that will be available for rent when the weekend of February 2nd comes around.

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