In today’s competitive real estate market, there is no denying that the internet holds a great deal of power. In fact, statistics show that virtually all home buyers will start their search for a new home right online; meaning that real restate professionals looking to reach new potential customers, need to take advantage of the power that the internet can offer. When it comes to establishing a strong online presence within the real estate world; there is nothing as important as the photos that appear on the site. There is no arguing that great interior photos are often the reason that a buyer chooses to physically come in and look at a property in person. With this in mind, it is important to make sure that anyone in the real estate industry understands the benefits that come with utilizing photos.

As a real estate agent, it its important to remember the appeal of photos. For professionals in the industry there are a number of compelling reasons for using great photography with their listing. This means more than standard cell phone photos, but true, professional images for the listing. As a real estate professional, using expert photos will only keep clients happy as most clients will be more than happy to see their home presented in such a professional manner. With this in mind, there are a few things to remember about taking professional real estate photos.

First, remember that the primary purpose of a real estate photo, especially one used for marketing purposes, is to present the features of a property, without including any visual distractions that can divert the viewer’s attention away from the actual features of the home. When taking these photos, real estate pros will want to make sure that they remove any distracting clutter and that they stage the interior of the home. When taking these photos, consider using a wide-angle lens to increase the feeling of space in the home. This is especially important in New York City homes that may lack space to begin with. Another way to help make a space feel bigger and more open is to open windows and turn on lights to fill the home with bright light; that will in turn make the space feel bigger.

Yet another tip to consider when it comes to taking real estate photos is that the most important photo for real estate professionals is the primary exterior photo. Spending more time on creating a truly outstanding exterior shot is a great way to get the attention of potential buyers.

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