There are many real estate professionals today who have used the power of online social networking sites to find success in the industry. For real estate experts in the industry, making connections is essential to your success within the industry. However, it is important to do more than just create a LinkedIn profile; there are things that you can do to enhance your LinkedIn profile and to truly elevate your online presence to find the success that you are looking for.

Developing the Right Headline

On LinkedIn, you are given 120 characters on your profile to be your headline and to act as a way to get the attention of others on LinkedIn. You will want to make sure that you really take the time to focus on this headline and to make the most of the limited characters you have. You should have a short story of your ‘elevator speech’ and make sure you include important keywords.

Create a Detailed Summary

The summary is another important part of your LinkedIn profile and a way to create a lasting business relationship with others you reach out to. While the headline will grab the attention of others on the site, the summary can keep them interested.

Put Up a Professional Photo

A picture can truly be worth 1,000 words, especially in places such as LinkedIn where your overall word space is limited. Your photo is the first thing that people will see when they visit your profile, it is what they will associate your professional accomplishments with and it is likely what they will remember you by. Make sure that you use a recent, recognizable and professional looking photo. You may also want to choose a photo that stands out from others so people recognize you apart from others.

Connect With Your Clients

LinkedIn is all about making professional connections. This not only means making connections with those that may benefit you in the future but it means making connections with existing clients a well. They can be your best source for referrals, so it is important to sustain connections with all you are working with, or those you have worked with in the past.

Share Status Updates During the Workday

Updating your status can be a powerful way to get your portfolio noticed. However, you will want to make sure that the status updates you are making are relevant. Share helpful information to those who follow you or post links to new properties that have been unveiled. Try to make these post during the times of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM every day, this is the time they will likely get the most attention.

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