In the New York City luxury real estate market, a new trend has hit the industry that has buildings soaring higher than ever. The latest trend of luxury real estate buildings have these apartment towers skinnier and higher than ever before. This includes the popular building One57; a Manhattan luxury apartment building that offers stunning views of Central Park. This building is the ideal description of the new standard of luxury New York City skyscraper. The building soars over other area apartment buildings including iconic city fixtures such as the Essex House. At 43 stories high, this apartment building was seen as the epitome of luxury in New York City and hailed for its unparalleled views of the park. Today buildings such as One57 are more than twice the hieght of this building.

This trend continues with one of the latest new luxury towers being constructed in New York City. This is the new, much talked about luxury skyscraper known as 432 Park Avenue. Once completed, this luxury tower will have a top floor that is actually higher than the observation deck at the Empire State Building. The penthouse at 432 Park recently sold for a staggering $95 million. There are also two duplex apartments that are nearing completing at One57; each selling for more than $90 million. While these high soaring apartment homes are selling for staggering numbers, it doesn’t mean that the lower floors in these new luxury buildings aren’t selling for high prices either. Designed with true luxury in mind, even the small studio apartments in the new 432 Park building are selling for high price tag. This building hosts these small studio apartments for personal staff such as maids or butlers, and the building is selling these homes for a cool $1.59 million.

The massive homes on top of these buildings not only boast enough space for a luxury estate but they offer virtually priceless views that span for 30 miles. As these towers continue to get higher and the price tags for living in these homes grow along with them. According to experts within the market, the new must have feature in luxury New York City homes is a view. The higher developers can build, the better the view, and the higher the demand for these homes become.