The recent recovery of the US real estate industry has shown an influx in the number of luxury properties finding their way back into the market. The strong recovery has particularly impacted big markets that are notorious for luxury real estate such as New York City. What is most impressive that this recovery has attracted international buyers and other buyers who live in the United States but not primarily in New York City. International buyers alone have been flying in to New York City to buy real estate in record numbers, so much so that more than $82 billion in real estate sales came from luxury buyers in 2012 alone.

According to NAR sales information, there are a few reasons why New York City is so attractive to investors. The NAR revealed recent sales data stating that the prices of condos in the New York Metro market have risen by more than seven percent this year alone, ending in March of 2013. During this same time period, the price of single family homes in NYC rose by around 5 percent. These increases are higher than in any other city that tend to be targeted by investors and outside buyers. This is more than Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Singapore and Paris. There are the types of numbers that those looking to buy luxury apartments are looking for when it comes to making a smart investment.

The luxury market in New York City is not only growing in areas such as Manhattan, that have always been a target for luxury investors, but there are a number of other neighborhoods in New York City that are also seeing an increase in the number of luxury properties. New luxury buildings and investor targets have been popping up in neighborhoods such as Brooklyn and Queens. In fact, one of the hottest targets for international investors in the last year is a building known as Sky View Parc in Flushing Queens. This building was so successful, that Onex Real Estate just announced plans to build another luxury residential tower in Flushing, Queens. With new properties like this popping up around New York City, it is clear that the influx of investors coming to take advantage of the luxury real estate homes in NYC will not be slowing down any time soon.

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