For many busy real estate professionals, especially for those in high demand markets such as New York City, getting the attention of the public and standing out in the mass of other brokers is extremely important. For those in New York City who want to stand out amongst the thousands of other brokers, it can seem difficult. However, with so many clients using the internet to the majority of their searching, this problem can be solved with high search engine rankings. Here are a few things that real estate professionals can do to increase their rankings.

Choose the Right Specific Keywords

The keywords represent what searchers are looking for when they arrive on a website. This is why choosing the right keywords is so important. It is important that those looking to stand out in markets such as New York City have around five keywords for their website and use approximately 1-2 for each page. They will want to choose keywords that are popular yet still unique and that include the area or neighborhood they are trying to target.

Consider Blogging

Adding a blog to a website is a great way to get the competitive edge in search engine rankings. Blogs should also have keywords and should include several headings so the blog entry is more organized. It may also be a good idea to install a SEO plugin with this blog. Make sure that you are writing a blog post every day to keep the information relevant and to keep the blog relevant on search engines.

Social Sharing Buttons

If you add social sharing buttons to your blog posts and your website, this can be a great way to make sure your content is being shared and that it will rank better in your search engines. In addition to linking to social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will want to consider using YouTube as well as a way to promote properties and services. These videos should be less than three minutes in length. Make sure if you have social sharing buttons on your website that you have them linked to updated and relevant social media pages like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Tactics like this shouldn’t just be done on their own, they should be part of a larger, more developed marketing strategy that helps lead to overall success with your company real estate page.

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