For today’s real estate professionals, especially those in high-demand markets such as New York City, nothing is as important as being able to successfully market their services and to stay ahead of the competition. For fast paced markets such as New York City effective marketing needs to be done in an inventive approach to keep up with the demands and the fast paced nature of the area’s residents. While things like YouTube videos are one great way to market your company, another approach that can be taken is to ‘go mobile.’

Credit: CaiaImage, United Kingdom

One of the best ways to get the attention of buyers in a market such as New York City, where properties tend to go fast, is to keep them up to date on the status of new homes. In today’s market, virtually every person has their phone with them constantly, making it the perfect tool to keep potential buyers in tune with what is going on in the industry. A great way to make sure that clients are getting the up-to-date real estate information they need is to access all of the key social media apps from your phone. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Posting photos that will stimulate potential buyers from your phone and from these apps is a great way to keep people abreast of what is going on in the market and to establish yourself as an authority on the New York City real estate industry.

You can post pictures of actual properties or take different approaches. Say you have some homes in a certain area that you are listing or about to list, take a photo and post on social media about local coffee shops, eateries, or neighborhood events that are going on and link them to the listing of your property. If you have several properties in a building to sell, you can try posting pictures and updates of one of the building’s amenities on social media and letting the word spread that way. Anywhere your phone goes, can be an opportunity to reach others on their phone that may be interested in the pulse of the New York City real estate market. This is a great way to get hot properties and luxury homes to sell quickly and to get the word out about some of these must have apartments and condos.

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