For the discriminating spa goer, several new spa trends have emerged for 2014. The focus is on youthful smooth skin, long term health, weight loss, energy and relaxation. While some of these trends can be found here in New York City, if you really want to reap the benefits get your passport ready and pack your bags – you just may be jetting off to exciting and exotic locations.

Bathing has become a lost art. Most people picture the luxurious Roman-inspired marble baths of thousands of years ago. However, hot milk baths are a sought after spa treatment. Here in New York City you can find spas that offer warm goat milk baths. What are the benefits of milk baths? Think Cleopatra, who took milk baths and was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Milk is rich in a multitude of minerals and vitamins. Most importantly, milk contains Vitamin E and zinc which slow the aging process and help skin retain it’s natural elasticity, something that decreases with age.The natural enzymes found in milk, like lactic acid, eliminate dead surface cells from the skin resulting in a radiant glow and youthful appearance.

Telomere Analysis might sound like some new-age practice, but spas offering this innovative practice may be at the forefront of a life changing find. This customized program offered at a select few spas is said to improve long-term health, weight loss and energy. Guests who seek this treatment come to the spa and begin by having their blood drawn or, depending on the spa, inner cheeks swabbed for chromosomal analysis. This chromosomal analysis can predict longevity of cells. Upon results a personalized program of acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, hydrocolon therapy and aromatherapy is prescribed for the guest. Like any prescription, this is not a one size fits all, making it a one-of-a-kind plan for each client to follow. For the spa goer who craves international travel this treatment is in demand at the Sha Wellness Clinic in Villa de Altea in Spain. This polished compound located at the top of a hill is dedicated to life lengthening practices. Though they urge guests to take the time needed to achieve optimal results, most preferably two weeks, even a week can benefit guests.

Gone are the days of indulgence and excess during hotel stays. Today’s new healthy trend is the wellness suite. Forget indulging in rich foods from room service and catching up on lost sleep. The wellness suite features in-room spin bikes and Physique 57 DVDs, the famed 57 minute workout that incorporates cardio, strength training and stretching. What makes the Physique 57 training program different is the fact that it is barre-based. Wellness suites don’t just focus on physical health, offering guests UV light emitting bathroom mirrors that trigger the feel good brain chemicals Serotonin and Dopamine, boosting mental health as well. Count on your room service being gluten free and vegan. You won’t need a passport to find a wellness suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which also features a vitamin C-infused shower that neutralizes chlorine levels in the skin. Floor mounted LED lights illuminate your path during the night without disrupting the melatonin production in your body required for a healthy night’s rest.

If these three trends don’t appeal to you, perhaps a specially trained relaxation coach will. Your trained relaxation coach will hand pick calming massages and facial treatments that are determined by your skin type and stress level. At specific intervals your coach will be at your side providing you with whatever you need, down to healthy drink choices to complete your experience. If visiting Singapore is on your bucket list, this is the perfect opportunity to check it off and work with a relaxation coach. The Lime Spa in Maldives will begin your visit by spending an abundance of time with you consulting with you about your specific goals of your visit. Treatment are administered in a luxurious outdoor sanctuary in privacy or in a gorgeous cabana situated on a transparent floor overlooking calming water. You are first and foremost in your coach’s mind and will luxuriate in the personalized, one-on-one attention you receive.

With these exclusive new trends hitting spas both here at home and internationally, one is sure to meet your needs and prove to be an experience you will long remember.

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