With Facebook and Twitter constantly in the news, many real estate agents skip over LinkedIn when planning their marketing campaigns. While it’s important that real estate agents have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, it’s becoming increasingly evident that LinkedIn, a social networking site for a diverse array of professionals, has some clout when it comes to reaching potential real estate clients.

Many real estate agents have put LinkedIn at the bottom of their list of networking sites
Many real estate agents have put LinkedIn at the bottom of their list of networking sites…

Many real estate agents have put LinkedIn at the bottom of their list of networking sites or, to their detriment, have completely ignored the networking site. Falsely they believe that LinkedIn will not aid them in finding prospective home buyers and/or sellers. While they fail to realize is that the site is made up of thousands of self employed professionals in numerous fields of occupation. Oftentimes these self-employed professionals are in the higher income bracket that has the purchasing power that can lead them to higher real estate commissions. For this reason, LinkedIn should be in the top tier of your ‘go-to’ list of networking sites.

Another reason real estate agents should not skip over LinkedIn is the potential to network with dozens of other professionals related to the real estate industry. LinkedIn enables real estate professionals to connect with appraisers, mortgage professionals, bankers, home inspectors, title companies, contractors and more. In each of these relevant professions a real estate agent can make valuable contacts that can lead to lasting, professional relationships. All of these professionals bring to LinkedIn valuable knowledge that real estate agents can learn from. In addition to that, with the building of a professional relationship these professionals can offer the real estate agent valuable leads that they may not have access to otherwise. These contacts are able to send the real estate agent business as well as help you give new clients the very best service you can offer. LinkedIn is one of the few social networking sites where real estate agents can ask questions about anything related to the real estate process and get solid, valuable answers. On the flip side of the coin, LinkedIn is an excellent place for the real estate agent to answer questions posted by other professionals, building their credibility and stance as an authority in the field.

LinkedIn offers another valuable aspect that makes it a valuable addition to the real estate agent’s marketing campaign. LinkedIn offers members the ability to further target their desired audience by joining any number of groups formed with specific goals in mind. Once you have joined LinkedIn you need only look for the link that says Groups Directory to be able to search for pertinent real estate groups. Thousands of groups will come up depending on what keywords you input in the search bar. You can specify terms like ‘brokers’ ‘investors’ ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’. You can even specify specific geographic locations such as ‘New York City’ and ‘NYC’. These groups offer real estate agents the opportunity to network with professionals that can result in leads, deals and more. There is also the ability for real estate agents to create a group for a specific need that LinkedIn has yet to fill. Creating your own group is an ideal way to add value to the community the real estate agent is trying to reach.

Though it may seem that LinkedIn is flying under the radar, make no mistake. This seemingly online resume of a social networking site has become, and will continue to be, a valuable asset for the real estate agent who is looking to increase business and build their authority as an expert in the industry.

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