Forget the flights to exotic destinations, the cruises to little known tropical islands and the trendy destinations deemed as ‘must see’ each year. For the ultimate luxury vacation a crewed yacht charter is unparalleled in luxury and sophistication.

A crewed yacht charter vacation offers travelers luxury accommodations with first class food and a carefully chosen staff ready to cater to your every need. You are the master of your destiny, choosing where and when you sail and in charge of even the smallest detail, down to the menu. Yet you have the luxury of being able to enjoy every moment of your trip as your staff carries out your directions. Depending on the size and duration of your yacht charter, a staff will be chosen according to your needs and desires, guaranteeing you a memorable and first class experience. Crewed yacht charter staff members can range anywhere from a two person team made up of a skipper and chef to a crew of thirty or more members comprised of a skipper, kitchen staff, stewardess, engineer, deckhands, mates and more. Booking your crewed yacht charter through a professional yacht charter company, the skipper will be a highly trained experienced partner in your trip, maneuvering the yacht to and from the destinations of your choice. Your kitchen staff will consist of master chef, sous chef and prep staff, ensuring you the finest in dining experience as you sail the sea.

Luxury crewed charter yachts vary in size, usually ranging from fifty to three hundred feet in size. Destinations are unlimited – choose from the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Greece, Turkey and more. Crewed yacht charters afford travelers the unique opportunity of exploring islands, villages and beaches that are unattainable to hotel guests and commercial cruise ships. A luxury crewed yacht charter vacation calls for deliberate and careful thought and planning. A travel specialist is your best resource for executing all the details you wish to make part of your trip.

Like a five star hotel, luxury crewed yacht charters feature many first class amenities for travelers such as salt water pools, full service health spas, driving ranges, sports decks, fitness equipment and helicopter landing pads. You can spend your time relaxing and soaking up the sun or choose from a myriad of activities that can include snorkeling, scuba or exploring the beach while ashore. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast in bed and dinner under the stars all expertly prepared by your gourmet chef and served by your own personal stewardess. Dance under the lights on deck or enjoy a restful slumber while the ocean gently rocks you to sleep.

For the discerning traveler who is bored with the usual vacation destinations, a vacation at sea on a luxurious crewed yacht charter is a five star experience you will return to again and again.

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