BLU Realty Group has just released the video of their Annual Holiday Party held on December 9, 2013. The evening was hosted by the BLU team and featured a lavish red carpet entrance. Adding to the excitement, the party featured a casino theme. The event brought together guests from all over the real estate industry.The event featured games such as Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and Craps tables. The evening culminated with prizes being given out to different party guests. The event was attended by about one hundred guests during the course of the evening.

The BLU Realty Group team hoped that the event would show party guests that the company is a unique firm. The event aimed to bring new vitality and energy to the brand as part of their recent redesign efforts. BLU Realty Group is all about big, bold ideas that will leave an impact on all in the real estate industry. The event was designed to relay this image to the public.

The 2013 holiday event featured a black tie optional dress code and took place at The Glass Houses event venue on West 25th Street.The location was chosen because the company believes that this venue exudes energy, closely reflecting the mission and energy of the firm. The company invited real estate professionals from across the country to come explore what the brand’s new identity is all about.

Guests entering the event were given pretend money or “BLU Bucks” to play and bet with. A variety of tables were set up around the room for good ole’ fashion fun betting. Like the unique event theme, BLU Realty Group’s goal is to provide innovative premier real estate solutions for the New York City luxury real estate market. The company introduced this mission to the industry along with the new brand image at this exciting fun filled event. BLU Realty Group is proud to say that the event was a success and a fun evening was had by all.

BLU Realty Group prides itself on utilizing a number of social media platforms in order to cultivate and respond to their client’s specific needs when it comes to luxury real estate. The holiday event video is the latest video to be added to BLU Realty Group’s YouTube channel.

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