Though swimming pools and health clubs are still in the top ten when it comes to the demand for amenities, today’s luxury home calls for much more than laps in the pool and a yoga class. When it comes to truly living in the lap of luxury, a fully automated home is the only way to achieve it.

There are several companies who specialize in luxury home automation, offering homeowners the option to automate anything and everything to make life convenient and luxurious. Whatever a homeowner needs done, no matter how basic or how elaborate, can be taken care of at the touch of a button. Many of today’s luxury homes in New York City offer one or more automated luxuries. If you’re interested in a home with home automation, it’s helpful to know exactly what services you will be able to obtain.

The very basics in any home are heating and air conditioning. Homes with automated heat and air often have the two systems integrated. By integrating the the heating controls with a control panel, you can keep the heat running one room until you turn out the lights to go to bed or retire to another room.This automated control panel not only provides ultimate comfort but it’s economical too. Air conditioning can be controlled similarly and the control panel can be integrated with your own personal device, iPhone or iPad, giving you wireless access and control to your home’s climate.

The same control panel that controls heating and air conditioning can feature a button to control lighting throughout your home. At the touch of a button you can set the scene in each room of your home. Automated lighting systems offer a variety of aspects for luxury homeowners. Mood lighting allows homeowners to dim or brighten individual rooms according to mood and occasion, whether an intimate dinner for two or an elegant dinner party for a dozen. Lighting in the livingroom can be obtained through a number of channels all set for different tasks, offering homeowners a darker lighting for television and brighter lighting for reading. In addition,homeowners can feel secure when away from home with security lighting systems that are automated through their control panel as well. Lighting systems can include lights being lit at specific intervals to imitate an occupied home when homeowners are away from home.

Automated blinds and curtains enhance room lighting as well and can be integrated into the control panel. With one touch a homeowner can draw the blinds open at varying degrees. Curtains and blinds throughout the home can be programmed to close at darkness and open automatically at sunrise. For the homeowner who is away from home frequently, automated curtains and blinds can be programmed to simulate an occupied home, following your usual pattern of opening and closing.

The pièce de résistance is the automated digital bath filling system, a high end luxury service that will give meaning to your en-suite bath spa experience. This automated system plugs your drain and fills your bath to your specified predetermined depth and temperature, a temperature set just for you for the utmost in relaxation. Because this system features an in-line heater, the system will keep the water temperature constant. If you can not step in to your bath right away, whether you are delayed ten or thirty minutes, the system will keep the bath to your specified temperature. What a luxury not to have to keep adding water to the tub to warm it back up! And unlike the average bathing experience, the water temperature will stay at your chosen temperature for the duration of your bath experience. An automated bath filling system features a choice in models whether you choose the ‘basic’ bath filling system or the whirlpool systems that offer chromatherapy, perfume bubble bath and jet controls.

The automated home is no longer the home of the future. Home automation has gone from offering the very basic to offering homeowners the very latest in luxury features. For the discerning homeowner, home automation luxury features offer comfort, style and convenience – all with just one touch.

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