Making your home a retreat-like space calls for designing the interior with the five elements of nature. In order to create a relaxing yet luxurious environment you will need to consider fire, water, earth, metal and wood accents when designing your home. Using the five elements of nature will always result in a calming,or Zen, effect without sacrificing the look of luxury you desire.

Fire burning in the home always conveys warmth and comfort. The element of fire can also add a dimension of luxury and elegance to the home as well. Now even the homeowner without a fireplace can get that warm, welcoming feeling with a contemporary, elegant look. Additionally, these fireplaces are perfect for the New York City hi-rise in that high-rise condos don’t always feature fireplaces due to their need for construction and venting. EcoSmart has designed a fireplace that needs no chimney, no traditional vents or any complex installation. EcoSmart fireplaces burn with bio-fuel, safe for residents and the environment while adding an elegant look to any room in the home. Homeowners can design the fireplace of their wishes choosing steel, glass or metal to complement their design plan.

The most luxurious wood available for designing with the wood element today is Macassar Ebony. This high-end, luxury hardwood is highly sought after for fine cabinetry work. Imported from Indonesia, this sophisticated dark hardwood alternating with light and dark strips running through it is used by fine furniture designers for other pieces of home furnishings as well. Its unusual pattern and rich dark color adds contemporary elegance to any room in the home.

Water walls are a highly sought after accessory when designing with the element of water for the luxury home. Customized to the homeowner’s wishes, water walls incorporate lighting with a choice of finishes, materials and colors to suit your interior design plan. A water wall can be both beautiful and functional, helping to relieve stress and create a spa-like atmosphere in the home.With so many design possibilities a water wall can be added to any room a homeowner desires.

When it comes to the metal element, for the discerning homeowner copper is one of the most luxurious metals used in design. No metal can compete with copper when it comes to its elegant, luxurious look. An ideal use of this metal in today’s luxury home is copper wall art. Artistically ground copper panels, whether a pair of a half dozen, are designed to appear as if the metal is liquid with wave patterns and alternating light and dark appearances. A custom, one of a kind work of art is accomplished by the homeowner working with an artist who is a master of metals, specifically copper. Wall art can be designed with a specific room in mind and can be as small or as large as the homeowner desires.

Incorporating the earth element into your interior design plan can be done in any number of ways. Consider bringing in exotic plants. Marble slabs, natural stone counters and clay sculptures can easily convey the earth element in your interior design plan.

A luxury design incorporating all five elements of nature has become a highly sought after design plan. Working with an interior designer can help the homeowner attain their goal of a luxurious home that features a spa-like retreat from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

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