Real estate professionals need to be actively engaged in social media. What they don’t need to do is misuse the various social platforms they have joined in. When it comes to Twitter, followers are often difficult to come by and easy to lose. If you’re seeing your numbers dropping when it comes to followers, try one of these four steps to hold on and engage your followers.

1. I…..There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM and if your goal in using Twitter is to get and keep followers, you can’t bombard your followers with constant tweets about yourself. By ‘yourself’ I mean tweets advertising your services such as ‘ask me about my newest listing’ or ‘I’m the agent for the job!’ If you’re not seeing your numbers going up, it’s probably because people are on Twitter to talk. People love conversation and those tweets are not conversation starters. Instead try engaging your followers by offering market tips and neighborhood attractions. It’s ok to mix in tweets about listings and your sales, but watch your ratio. Try for every five conversational tweets throwing in an “I” tweet.

2. Assuming that someone isn’t a lead. This is synonymous with ignoring your followers. Don’t make the mistake of responding to the tweets that ‘look promising’ and ignoring the ones that don’t. There’s no way to know who may be a potential client. So it’s better to treat everyone as if they are potential lead by responding to tweets, answering questions and even a simple ‘thank you’ when they retweet your tweet. You never known who of your follower’s followers might be a potential lead.

3. Hashtag this and hashtag that. You know what this means but let’s talk about it. Today it seems we’re drowning in a proliferation of hashtags. Not only are they everywhere we go online, but they’re even popping up in print ads, television ads and more. Two easy rules to remember about the use of hashtags: Use them only if relevant and keep the numbers down. No one likes to wade through a sea of hashtags to finally get to the meat of your tweet. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is to use 2-3 pertinent hashtags.

4. Kill the messenger. We’re talking about the auto-messaging feature that Twitter offers. Just as you don’t enjoy the automated phone answer when you’re trying to reach a human, neither do your followers. People join Twitter to talk to other people. Auto messaging makes you look inaccessible, possibly not interested in personally connecting with people and that’s the kiss of death for the real estate professional. This industry is built on making personal connections. Take the time to personally reply – you never know where it may lead you.

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