David Tobon’s family moved to New York from Colombia, settling in Queens where David was born and raised. David only left his beloved New York City for a brief hiatus during which he played baseball at the University of Indiana, having received a pitching scholarship. He returned to his hometown to pursue his passion for New York City real estate, helping others fall in love with all the city had to offer as they found their dream home.

David Tobon has had a tremendous impact on the New York City real estate market with accomplishments that include over 350 sales deals, 500 rental deals and over $500 million sold in real estate. As a founder of a top four mid-sized firm in Manhattan with twelve years of experience in the industry, David has been hailed as one of the movers and shakers in the New York City market. Combining his degree in business management and his finesse as a residential broker, David not only is one of the founders of BLU Realty Group but one of the minds behind the firm’s state-of-the-art BLU Cafe.

The creation of BLU Cafe has helped set the tone for the unique way BLU Realty Group operates. This innovative experience helped create the firm’s now famous client-centered business environment. Under David’s leadership BLU Realty Group has not only cut to the edge of the forefront of the New York City luxury real estate market, but earned David and BLU Realty Group recognition from the industry’s top publications. BLU Realty Group has been showcased in The Real Deal, a top industry publication,where the innovation behind the firm was highlighted, featuring David and his four co-founders,whom were praised for their unconventional commission split model. The Real Deal praised the company for it’s cultivated professional image and rapid climb to the top of the luxury real estate market.

Praise and accolades have not only come from the industry, where David was hailed as being one of the top five real estate entrepreneurs under 40, but from his clients as well, who praise David’s innate pragmatism and business savvy and the benefit they have received making real estate purchases under his guidance and advice. Having mastered the art of understanding the specific needs of his clientele and surpassing their expectations with every transaction, David has established long lasting relationships built on trust and professionalism. His elite clientele is diverse, having worked with business leaders, public figures and legendary celebrities such as rock star Steven Tyler and comedian Robin Williams. There is no question that David Tobon knows the New York City market. Earning the title as the top broker on Riverside Blvd, David is a resident broker at 220 Riverside Boulevard and specialist on all buildings in Trump Place, including the Aldyn Condominium at 60 Riverside, The Rushmore Condominium at 80 Riverside, 100 Riverside, 120 Riverside, 200 Riverside and 240 Riverside Boulevard.

David’s ties to New York City remain strong as he resides in New York City with his wife Shirley and daughter Grace Noelle. With a passion for the New York City market and a long history with the city, David has the experience, drive and desire to help all of his clients make the best real estate decisions for them, from the exciting and thriving setting of the BLU Cafe that he pioneered.

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