If you had to think of a quote that comes to mind when you think of Krisha Park, it might possibly be “There’s no place like home.” Perhaps her favorite, “Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, not our hearts”, from Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Homesick in Heaven, might more aptly describe Krisha, a hopeless romantic. But Krisha’s deep belief that a home is a place that makes you feel complete, a sanctuary or one’s own personal nirvana, is the basis for her real estate dealings.

Kriska Park believes that everyone can own a home. Whether her client is buying or renting, she truly believes that the journey in finding a home is one of the most important ones they will take. It is her goal to be a part of this special and vital time in her client’s life. She feels that too often a home is shown to a person without taking into account who they are, what they like and what their specific needs are. Krisha doesn’t believe in this one size fits all approach and works hard to tailor her approach in finding a home to her client’s personal taste. With all her heart she believes that each client can find their perfect home and she has the knowledge and desire to help them do so. She promises nothing less than total honesty, complete accessibility and a relentless pursuit of their dream home for each and every one of her clients.

Krisha brings to the real estate industry an expertise in public relations and advertising, of which she spent a number of years working in. While working in these industries she represented multiple high-end luxury brands, honing her keen taste in the finest homes in the New York City market. During her tenure in the public relations world she worked on the first Gucci flagship store in Korea which resulted into a directing role where she oversaw 30 new stores in Korea. This leadership role afforded her the opportunity to travel the world, meeting and working with people from many backgrounds and cultures.Her experience during this time taught her that people are all unique individuals with specific tastes, a lesson that has helped her recognized that this is the basis for finding the ideal home. Her experience in running a 3D computer graphics company that developed high end apartments and conversions through Manhattan reiterated this lesson.

Her unique experience and background has given Krisha the experience, organizational skills and real estate savvy to serve whatever needs her clients have while eliminating the stress that is usually associated with finding a home in the New York City real estate market. Most importantly, Krisha has the passion to envision the perfect home for each of her clients. A real estate agent can be said to be like a matchmaker and Krisha has the know how to make the perfect match between her clients and their dream homes.

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