Real estate professionals sell houses. Of course they sell houses, but the successful real estate agent must learn that he or she needs to sell themselves. If you don’t sell yourself, you can not gain new clients. And the key to selling yourself as a real estate professional is branding.

Though most real estate professionals view selling properties as the most important aspect of their work, it is not the only major factor in building a successful real estate career. In order to sell properties the real estate professional needs to gain clients. The first thing a potential client is going to be ‘sold on’ is you, the real estate professional. This means selling yourself and the only way to sell yourself is branding. Branding, a process of self marketing, is one of the most valuable tools the real estate agent has at his or her disposal. Simply put, branding is building a perceivable image of yourself. It’s how or who potential clients see you as. You build your brand so that when a client sees your name they instantly recognize you as an authority and an expert in the real estate market. Building yourself as an authority in real estate builds trust leading to repeat business and referrals,gaining you new business connections. If you are skeptical consider these three benefits to branding:

Branding gives you validity. Lots of people ‘hang out’ their real estate agent shingle but being valid or credible is what separates you from the pack. Oftentimes clients have had a negative experience with a real estate professional in the past. Some agents believe that being part of a real estate firm with a well known history will help override this factor. But relying on a company’s brand to to secure clients does not always guarantee success. It’s always better for the real estate professional to build and strengthen their own brand to secure clients, building lasting relationships that lead to new clients. To be seen as a valid real estate professional, branding helps you become known for your reliability and capability, making you stand out in an industry filled with many competing real estate agents.

Endurance is vital in an industry as erratic as real estate. With all the changes in the market, real estate professionals need branding in order to survive and thrive during the ups and downs of the real estate industry. Branding enables the real estate professional the opportunity to secure themselves regardless of what is happening in the industry. Branding is especially beneficial during times of transition and when sales are low. If you build your brand, instead of clients being loyal to a company at a time when you may be transitioning, they are more likely to be loyal to you as a brand and follow along. This erases the need to hold on to clients during times of transition.

Success is the end goal of every real estate professional. Real estate is a tough industry and with so many other agents out there, you will have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. Always learning and continuing to refine your skills as a real estate professional will always be important, but branding will play an important part in your success. How you build your brand is up to you. You can building your brand based on any number of aspects from your niche market to your one-of-a-kind style. Decide what characterizes you best and build on it. Appealing to clients is the first step in becoming a respected name in the real estate industry. Like anything else, branding is not a guarantee of success bu not branding is taking a chance on most certainly failing. As Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

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