Twitter has become one of the most powerful tools in any real estate professional’s arsenal as the popular social media platform makes it easy for those in the business to easily reach prospects and clients. A properly managed Twitter account can lead to more leads, a stronger connection with current customers and it can help any real estate pro create a stronger online presence. While Twitter has long been a powerful real estate tool, there is good news for those in the business as the platform has just made some updates to their site, and these changes perfectly align with the needs of today’s real estate experts.

Any sales related professional who wants to make the most of their Twitter presence should be fully aware of these changes, what they mean for Twitter users and how they can be leveraged in any successful social media campaign.

Longer Tweet Opportunities

Ever since Twitter first hit the market, one of the biggest restrictions of this platform has always been the 140 character limit rule. For real estate professionals who have felt limited by the rule in the past, there are new layout changes that may impact their ability to carry on well thought out conversations. While there is still a 140 character cap, the platform is actually making exceptions for topics that are relevant or trending. If you are talking about a headline making development in the real estate world or a hot new property, you may be granted extra characters.

The Photo Collage

The ‘photo collage’ feature is one that was recently adapted from Facebook and it allows users to showcase multiple photos at once. For real estate marketers, this means the potential to show off even more of the properties that they are selling. Now users can post a single collage of all of the home’s photos and easily promote any property’s high seller points with a single collage creation. This feature makes it easy to get the attention of Twitter followers and show off the best of any property with a few clicks of a button.

New Prominent Headers

When the new Twitter layout was first introduced one of the biggest and most prominent things most people say was the new header. Twitter has once again taken a page from Facebook, with their cover photo feature, and added a new prominent header option. Brands and real estate professionals alike can now take advantage of this features and add new logos, images and headers that reflect their brand or their firm. The result is a dazzling new page that helps with overall images and branding and with getting the attention of other users.

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