A true luxury home deserves a luxurious interior style. However, decorating the interior of any home can come with many unique challenges. When it comes to designing a luxurious home interior, one of the best approaches is to create a design plan that is truly timeless. This will help any luxury home withstand the test of time and make the space look beautiful, relevant and opulent today, and years in the future.

1. Functional Living Design

Nothing is as timeless as a space that is not only beautiful but functional as well. Develop a design that solves problems and helps make life easier, and it will withstand the test of time. Beautiful ottomans that still double as storage, or treated upholstery that is kid and pet-friendly are all functional pieces that can still be luxurious-looking additions to your home.

2. Worry About the Big Things

When designing a timeless interior, worry about the big things, not the small ones. Projects that re-design the bones of the interior of the home are ones that will last much longer than a throw rug. These are the big projects to pay the most attention to and the ones that will really make your home stand out. When the home is architecturally sound and timeless, the rest of the home can easily follow, even if you change paint colors or window treatments down the line.

When creating a timeless architectural background, focus on projects that give definition to the home, and don’t forget about proper lighting. These permanent changes can help set the stage of the overall design of a space.

3. Use Natural Materials

When you design a space with all natural materials, you are giving the home a long-lasting yet luxurious feel that gives off the notion of everlasting style. These are beautiful additions to any home and ones that will stay beautiful for years. Using all natural materials includes adding stone, marble and high-end wood to the home.

4. Choose Color Carefully

Color, both in furniture and on the walls, is a great way to add warmth and style to the home. However, if you are looking to make your home timeless, then you will want to be careful when choosing colors. Use your own insight and your preference on colors when choosing the hues for your home. While companies like Pantone often come out with the ‘color of the year’ never follow these trends carefully. There is a reason they are called the ‘color of the year’ not the color of a decade. If you follow a yearly trend when choosing colors you can quickly date your home.

5. Be True to Your Style

Many people confuse the term ‘timeless’ with ‘traditional.’ However, these are not the same things. A home can be timeless without having a ‘traditional’ look. If you like sleek, simple and more modern interiors, you can still stick with this style and keep things timeless. Be true to yourself and your personal style when decorating, and remember to steer clear of trends that will date your home and your space can be luxurious, stylish and utterly timeless.