Nelson Lee graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science in
Management Information Systems. Nelson Lee has worked in the real estate industry for more than eighteen years and is now a principal broker for BLU Realty Group.

Mr. Lee’s extensive knowledge helped him become a part of BLU Realty in order to provide real estate advisory and debt/equity solutions to the clients of BLU Realty Group. Prior to partnering with BLU, Lee was a managing director with Voltaire Capital and worked with a distinguished deal team to originate, process, structure and close transactions from 2006 to 2010. As a member of the Voltaire Executive and Strategy Committee, Nelson was also integral in the management of the firm and operational initiatives of the company. During his tenure with the company he originated and helped fund over $250 million in real estate transactions.

Lee has worked for several prominent investment managers. His experience and contacts cover most of the major real estate markets on the east and west coast. He has been involved with financing and investing in all major property types. His twenty years of real estate experience is vast and diverse.

Nelson takes pride in his ability to help clients sort through the financial complex process that is involved in each real estate transaction.

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