One of the most substantial new additions to any real estate website is an engaging blog that people are actually eager to read. This is a big challenge that virtually every marketer, blog owner and real estate owner faces. One of the biggest struggles that people come up with is how to come up with engaging idea lists that people actually want to read.

The right topic will do a few different things. The right content will drive traffic, keep readers engaged and feature the right amount of SEO optimized content to appear on search engine rankings. If you are struggling to come up with the right topics, here are some suggestions that can expand your reach across the world wide web.

Talk About the Future

There are so many posts and real estate sites that talk about the current happenings in the real estate market. To really stand out from the crowd, weigh in on what you think the future of real estate is and discuss what trends you think may emerge.

Highlight Unique Properties

Make a slideshow or list of some of the most beautiful properties on the market today, either inside your area or across the country. You can also create a slideshow or list of some of the most expensive homes available, as these topics tend to entice readers.

Give Buyers Important Information

Many times buyers don’t just want to know about area homes, but about the neighborhoods they are considering buying in. Make a list of different public and private schools in your area and highlight ones that may engage buyers. You can also make lists of some of the most popular and most up and coming neighborhoods in the region.

Highlight Big Features

If your area is near a popular waterfront, highlight some of the best waterfront properties in your area in a certain price range. You can also do this for homes in the ‘city’ or near certain areas such as the mountains.

Focus on the Fixer Uppers

A big trend in real estate market right now is DIY projects or focusing on ‘fixer uppers.’ Put some of the best investment properties in your area on your blog and highlight the potential of each home for those who may want to take on a project.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can entice different types of potential clients through the same, engaging real estate blog.

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