For new luxury homes in the New York City market, there is a new hot accessory finding its way into these ultra high-end properties. Many buyers are adding these ultra-lux air purification systems into their homes and now developers are embracing this trend and adding the systems into new construction homes in the market. Most of the multi-million dollar homes in the Big Apple are now having these new systems added into their homes. As the name suggests, these systems automatically purify and filter the air in the home to remove particles that typically get filtered through HVAC systems.

Some of the industry’s wealthiest home owners have not only been adding these purifiers into these homes, but developers are catching on as well. This includes the developers of 155 East 79th Street. This new luxury condominium is currently under construction and looking to bring some high-quality new luxury apartments to the Upper East Side. These systems which cleanse the air with a hospital-grade purification approach, that will satisfy both luxury buyers, those with allergies and individuals with health concerns regarding air-born diseases.

These new air purification systems are not only finding their way into the Upper East Side, but new developers in the Hamptons are installing the multi-thousand dollar systems into some of their new spec homes. With more high-end homes than ever boasting these purification systems, this trend has become a big hit in the building industry. These systems can range from $4,500 to $10,000, depending on the size of the home.

Shoppers looking for a new luxury home in New York City will find that developments such as 155 East 79th Street and other similar luxury high-rises are giving buyers and builders alike the opportunity to add these systems into their home.

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