Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm used by Google
Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm used by Google

In the ever changing world of technology, it’s more important than ever that a real estate agent keep up with advances in technology. Do you know what a search algorithm is? Algorithm is a technical term that Google uses to sort through billions upon billions of web pages and information it has. This is what makes it possible for Google to provide you with answers when you enter your search terms in Google’s browser.

At the end of 2013 Google introduced its new search algorithm which is named Hummingbird. Why a new search algorithm? According to Google Hummingbird should better results. This new and improved algorithm has not put Page Rank out to pasture. Page Rank is Google’s system of determining how important links to a page are believed to be. On the contrary, Hummingbird factors Page Rank in with hundreds of other elements to come up with targeted, precise answers for the user. With a goal of returning precise and speedy answers this is how Google came to name this new search algorithm. What is so different about Hummingbird? Google names one particular feature that makes it valuable, in particular to the real estate agent.

Unlike its predecessors, Hummingbird features a conversational search activity. Simply put, users searching can type in conversational speech exactly what they are looking for such as ‘brick house on Riverdale Road’. Hummingbird allows users to have a conversation making it easier for the user to pull up results that match what they are looking for. Hummingbird has been designed to focus on the exact meaning behind the search words entered in the browser. IT does this by focusing on each word in the user’s choice of search terms, resulting in the whole inquiry, whether sentence or conversation, is considered as opposed to a few particular words. The result is that the pages that come up will be a better match as opposed to the frustrating experience of seeing pages that only match a few words, making the search results irrelevant.

So what does this have to do with the real estate industry? When someone is searching for real estate listings, there are unlimited ways to phrase a search. No two users will phrase their search the same, even if they are searching for the exact same results. A potential home buyer might search for “brick house on Riverdale Road’ while another might search for ‘homes on Riverdale Road” while yet another may search for “real estate on Riverdale Road’. Using another search algorithm may yield thousands of results which means the user will have to weed through results, often the bulk of them of no use to them. However using Hummingbird these 3 separate searches will all pull up one result, pinpointing the exact answer the user is looking for. With precise SEO in place, your realty’s website, your listings and your information will be pulled up at the beginning of the results. For the real estate professional the headache of having to optimize separate pages for each separate keyword and keyword variation is a thing of the past. In its place the real estate agent need only have accurate copy on one page with enough definitive terms about the content that Google’s Hummingbird can pick up. Unlike many new technology advances, Hummingbird does not need to be bought, turned on or downloaded.

Even with more advances and improvements coming down the pike each day, when it comes to using technology in the real estate industry the best way to make the most of it is to keep generating strong, relevant content wherever you and your real estate business information is on the web.

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