The photo-sharing platform, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform around the globe. This platform is not only extremely popular but its growing its user base at a dramatically fast rate. The good news for those in the real estate business is that they can use this wildly popular platform to promote their business and to reach out to new and potential clients and partners. Those who are interested in taking advantage of this platform can utilize a few simple tips that can help any real estate pro find the success they are looking for through the photo platform.

Give People a Behind the Scenes Look

For many individuals who aren’t in the heart of the real estate business, this industry can be rather mysterious. The appeal of this mystery behind the real estate business can be seen in everything from reality television to the boom of new agents entering this market. Instagram is a great place to showcase the business dealings that go behind the real estate market. Showcase images of different communities, behind the scenes photos of what it takes to prepare an open house, and more, to give people the behind the scenes look they are interested in.

Showcase Premier Properties

When promoting an open house, Instagram can be your best friend. Use the photo sharing site to showcase premier properties and sneak peak photos of properties before they hit the market. These photos can entice potential buyers or other agents that may be interested in the home. Instead of taking a traditional ‘real estate’ photo, consider taking photos of a single ‘premier’ feature as a way to garner interest in the home.

Take Advantage of the Photo Map Feature

Instagram has a popular new feature known as Photo Maps. With this feature you can share photos to your map before you post. This tool uses the geotag feature to put a thumbnail of the posted photo onto Google maps. This lets you and others see just where the photo was taken. This is a great way to market homes in a certain areas or stunning neighborhood features an benefits. This feature can help any agent connect with and show their integration within a community.

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