Earlier this month, the team at Zillow announced that they have formed a new partnership with AOL that will help the online real estate company expand their current reach. The online platform has been a powerhouse in the industry for the last few years and now they are looking to have even more power within the industry, thanks to a new deal they have forged for AOL.

According to an announcement from the company, they are partnering with AOL Real Estate in an effort to power the site’s online property shopping experience. What this means, is that Zillow will now have an even wider reach and provide an even more powerful tool to help people start looking for homes online.

This new announcement not only means big news for the Seattle based company, but also for real estate professionals working in particularly busy markets. For real estate pros who want to make sure their properties are being seen by the right potential buyers, using this powerful new Zillow program can be essential to make sure that buyers are seeing what is available. This is particularly important for those working in fast-paced markets such as New York City, where homes tend to go fast.

In high-demand markets such as this, more potential buyers than ever are looking to the internet from home to see high end properties before they buy them or make an appointment to see them. Thanks to the power of the internet, previewing homes online first is an essential part of the process for buyers and something that many are looking to do before they even consider a property.

With the newly expanded Zillow programs, there will be even more properties, listed through even more avenues through the platform. As the company announced information about this new expansion, they revealed that they now have approximately 34% market share of the industry, up about 7% from the beginning of the year. As Zillow continues to grow and expand, real estate professionals looking to get the attention of potential buyers need to stay up to date on just how powerful and wide-spread this online real estate platform has become.

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