New York City is not only known for being one of the biggest and most luxurious real estate destinations in the world, but it is also known for being one of the fastest growing as well. As the city continues to thrive, news of new developments from across the town have begun to emerge.

One of the first big pieces of NYC real estate news is the project located on 400 11th Avenue/ 3 Hudson Boulevard. The Moinian Group has just announced plans to construct a new building in Hudson Yards. If approved, the entire tower will be 1.8 million square geed. There will also be more than 72 parking spaces associated with the project. According to the website covering the endeavor, the tower will be 66 stories tall once completed. This piece of NYC real estate news is particularly powerful for the many who have been waiting for the completion of the highly anticipated Hudson Yards project. This news reveals a major step forward in the completion of the endeavor.

Across town, in Long Island City, another new project is shaping up at 44-26 Purves Street. According to Brause Realty, the team behind the endeavor, the 207,053 square foot residential tower will be located at Court Square. The project will include 517 square feed of commercial space as well as 270 apartment units. When completed, the tower will be 33 stories high.

Finally, there is the project at 151 Maiden Lane. This piece of exciting NYC real estate is from the creative mind of Peter Poon. The project will be starting with a 33 story hotel. However, when the project is completed the group will be building a taller residential building right next door. The luxury apartment tower will reportedly be 51 stories high when completed.

With exciting news such as this emerging from the NYC real estate market, there is no arguing that the city that never sleeps is continuing to be one of the most exciting and fastest growing markets in the world.

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