Years ago your grandparents found the best mechanic, the best dentist and the best plumber by simply chatting over the back fence. It was called word of mouth and, while still used to some degree today, the back fence has been replaced. That back fence represented the small town where word of mouth brought business owners customers. Today’s business owner needs to go beyond the back fence and market to the whole world. Thanks to the internet it’s easy to reach potential customers everywhere but one thing hasn’t changed. You and your business still need to be seen as the best in what you do. In the case of the real estate professional that means establishing yourself as an authority, or expert, in the industry. This is what authority marketing is all about.

Authority marketing in real estate is using your knowledge and expertise of the industry to position yourself as a known expert in the business. Authority marketing is effected by giving useful, valuable information routinely to your targeted online audience. The information you provide only has value if it solves problems, offers solutions and addresses the needs of your target audience. Your audience is coming back to you because you are consistently giving them information superior to that of your competition.

The internet offers numerous venues to establish your online authority. Consider the fact that there are social media sites, online forums, online communities and even online conferences where you can establish your credibility as an expert in the real estate industry. How will you market yourself as an authority? Is your expertise in condominiums, co-ops, rentals or new developments? Perhaps your unique experience puts you in the position to establish yourself as an authority in corporate relocation. Taking your expertise into consideration, you need to establish yourself as an authority, the go-to expert when it comes to your specific real estate specialty.

The real estate professional getting started with authority marketing needs to first have a clear message. Simply put this means you need to know exactly what your areas of skill and expertise are. Take time to sit down and write down a few lines about your expertise. Determine your strengths and put together a summary about your skills as a real estate professional, specifying expertise in condominium sales, apartment rentals or new development sales. Once you have established your expertise you will need to determine who your target customer is. In the business world today no longer should you attempt to be everything to everyone. Zero in on who you are trying to reach as a customer. When you know exactly who your customer is you can begin to work on building a marketing campaign to reach them. With these two major steps covered, it’s time to begin the actual authority marketing. Your message should be tailored to fit the style of each social media site, forum and online community. Don’t forget to keep your website, blog and any web content you publish in line with your authority marketing campaign.

As you work with authority marketing keep in mind that, like Rome, you can’t build an empire in a day. Authority marketing takes time and, most importantly, consistency. The key to success in authority marketing is continually engaging with your target audience with valuable content that they believe only you, the expert, can provide.

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