Lizabeth Sant'AngeloLicensed RE Salesperson at BLU Realty Group
Lizabeth Sant’AngeloLicensed RE Salesperson at BLU Realty Group

Lizabeth Sant’Angelo came to New York City with a BA in accounting and experience working for a public accounting firm. Her experience led her to a government securities trading desk on Wall Street. Lizabeth took advantage of the opportunities to explore the many neighborhoods of Manhattan. Her explorations led her to a greater love of the city and its diverse neighborhoods.

Always ready for a challenge, Lizabeth purchased, gutted and renovated a prewar apartment. Combining her Wall Street experience and her personal renovation experience gives Lizabeth a wealth of knowledge. That knowledge enables her to direct her buyers and sellers on the most effective strategies to meet their real estate needs and goals. Because of her personal experience in renovating her prewar apartment, she is expert at handling co-op boards and shares her know how on the ins and outs with her clients.

Lizabeth lives on the upper east side of Manhattan where is raising her school age son. Her personal experience navigating the extensive educational systems in Manhattan gives her further expertise to share with her client. Lizabeth is able to guide her client in choosing the right match for them regarding neighborhoods and schools. Her familiarity with the city’s diverse neighborhoods also makes it possible to meet any other needs her clients may have.

Her passion for real estate goes back deep in her roots. Lizabeth’s family has long been involved in real estate. Lizabeth’s sales experience encompasses everything from studios to townhouses. Combined with her love of working with people and her commitment to excellence results in offering her client’s nothing less than superior service.

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