For many busy real estate professionals in the business today, keeping up with the demands of maintaining a successful marketing endeavor can be challenging to say the least. For many experts, the biggest challenge lies simply in getting started. One of the easiest and most effective approaches to successful online marketing comes with utilizing video. Video is a powerful tool for real estate professionals and can be utilized to achieve outstanding results.

Branding Videos for Agents

Most agents know about the importance of their ‘about me’ sections on their websites. However, for truly savvy real estate professionals, branding videos are the new, highly effective ways to get the word out about any agent. These videos not only inform potential clients and partners about an individual agent, but they also set a tone or image for an agent’s brand. Unlike ‘about me’ sections, these videos have the capability of reaching more audiences thanks to SEO and the power of YouTube marketing.

Listing Videos

Listing videos are a great way to showcase the inside of key properties. These videos can give potential interested buyers a ‘virtual tour’ of a home and let them know about the potential benefits of certain property. These videos can be uploaded to YouTube and advertised through a website, Facebook page or Twitter account. Even more than photos, these videos can entice potential buyers and get the excited about an upcoming property.

Open House Commercials

Most agents know that the right open house with the right attention to detail can go a long way in selling a home. While the open house promotes the property, a certain amount of marketing needs to be done to promote the open house. These commercials can help garner interest in a home and give a sneak peak into the property its promoting.

Whether you are using a handheld video camera, smart phone or hiring a videographer, utilizing online real estate video marketing is a great way to make sure that you can reach a whole new level of customers. As any seasoned agent knows, standing out from the crowd and leaving an impression is important and there is no easier way to do this than with video marketing strategies.