With everything in today’s society seemingly becoming more and more digital, there are many industries that have seen direct repercussions from these changes. One of the many industries that have undergone a great deal of change in recent years thanks to digital advancements is the real estate industry. Here are some of the many ways that today’s digital age has changed the real estate industry today. Many of these milestones for the industry were highlighted by the ERA Real Estate “Top 40” real estate milestones list.

Social Media

When social media sites like Facebook officially debuted, the way people today interact was changed forever. Today Facebook has completely changed the way that realtors connect with clients and get information out about different properties. Now with Facebook and Twitter, real estate professionals in busy markets such as New York City can get the word out fast about properties to their clients and customers.


The video sharing site YouTube first emerged in 2005, and since then real estate professionals have been using this site as a way to share information about different homes. YouTube is a great way to market properties and to show potential clients and homeowners tours and information about homes so that they can feel as though they have been inside the property before even visiting.

Phone Apps

With smart phone apps such as some of the iPhone app store apps have completely changed the way that people today shop for homes, especially in high-demand, fast paced markets such as New York City, are now able to easily browse properties, even while on the go. These apps make it easy for home hunters to search for properties from their phones or tablets, making it easy to stay abreast of all of the latest properties to hit the market.

Man Caves Impact Property Expectations

The digital age has not only impacted real estate agents, but it has also impacted properties themselves. With digital technology and the idea of home theaters becoming more and more prevalent, the idea of the ‘man cave’ has recently emerged in the market. Now a ‘man cave’ or homes that are set up for a home theater are becoming all the rage in properties and have changed the expectations of many house hunters.

Technological advancements such as this that have recently hit the digital age have completely changed the way that both buyers and real estate professionals alike act in today’s market.

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