In the whole world of luxury real estate, no market can hold a candle to New York City. The Big Apple is known throughout the globe for its unique properties. However, for those who are unfamiliar with luxury real estate in NYC, it can be difficult to see what makes this market so unique. A look at some of the features that make NYC so special can help any buyer see how this city earned such an outstanding reputation.

Location, Location, Location

Most buyers know that nothing can compare to the importance of location when buying a home, in the luxury real estate NYC market, this phrase holds an entirely new meaning. While in some markets, good location means close access to the interstate, in New York City it means so much more. Great locations in New York means access to some of the world’s best shopping, dinning and entertainment as well as access to the sights of New York and the city’s infamous public transportation system. A great location in New York City can mean being in the heart of Manhattan, or just steps away from Central Park.

One of a Kind Buildings

Architects and developers from all over the globe flock to New York City for one reason: to create buildings that make an impact. New York City is always looking for the next great building whether its the world’s highest, most expensive or most luxurious apartment complex, there is always something new when it comes to luxury real estate in NYC. With this in mind, it is easy to see why so many people love to call NYC home. When buying a luxury home in this area, you can find apartments that simply don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Amazing Views That Can’t Be Beat

When shopping in the luxury market in New York one of the things that buyers will find here that they can’t find anywhere else are views. This city is known for boasting some of the best and brightest views in the entire country. Since outdoor space is virtually non-existent in many of these homes, builders attempt to make up for it with one-of-a-kind views. The right luxury NYC apartment will give you a view of the Big Apple that has to be seen to be believed.

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