Everyone has a Facebook page these days. Friends, family, neighbors, the dry cleaners around the corner and, most important for you to keep in mind, every real estate agent in New York City. Every real estate agent came to Facebook with the same goal in mind: to generate leads. The problem is that the majority of agents don’t know how to do it. The most common ‘method’ that real estate agents are relying on is getting ‘likes’ on their page and subsequent posts. They even believe that if friends, family and others share their page it will ultimately result in leads for them. They spend hours, days, weeks and countless time and energy, trying to decide on the perfect post that will be the magic pill. The magic pill that they are so sure will lead them to the engagement that generates those desired leads. The bad news is that generating leads on social media like Facebook is NOT about getting likes, getting your posts shared. It’s not even about name recognition. Facebook is inbound marketing and, unlike outbound marketing techniques such as buying ads and email lists, inbound marketing is about creating quality content that draws people to you, the real estate, and your product, your listings.

The first Do & Don’t? Don’t ask your colleagues, friends, family or acquaintances to ‘like’ your page. Chances are they are not connected to the market you are targeting. You’re wasting your time and theirs. Do run a Facebook campaign by using Facebook’s Power Editor. Facebook has partnered with three data mining companies that has collected mountains of data on the history and lifestyle of its users. By using this free browser plug-in you can bulk edit your ads access more than 500 categories for powerful ad targeting. With Facebook’s Power Editor you can create custom audiences. Once you have created your custom audiences, it is time-consuming re-enter this information every time you create an ad. Thanks to Facebook’s Power Editor you have the ability to save your created audience data and avoid having to re-enter this information each time.

The second Do & Don’t? Don’t hit and run. Short, snappy fun posts become one hit wonders. At the least you’ll get a ‘like’. But if your goal is to generate leads you need more than that and you need to be strategic. Post relevant, beneficial content on your Facebook page at a minimum of four times a day. Ideally a half-dozen relevant posts are best. Most importantly be consistent in your posting by avoiding too long a time span between posts. Keep in mind Facebook, like New York City, doesn’t sleep. People are on Facebook at all hours of the day – you should be too, in a manner of speaking. Schedule posts for the middle of night and early morning.

The third Do & Don’t? Like the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life and inbound marketing through Facebook is no exception. Post a diversity of types of posts. Don’t worry about what every other real estate agent is posting. Don’t follow the crowd and post only photo posts. Remember that people are unique individuals and you can’t possibly know what each and every person will respond to you. Do try to keep a mix going and post every type of post you can besides photos. Try to keep a mix going and post every type of post you can.

And one more bonus Do for you: Keep in mind that your goal in using inbound marketing like Facebook is to generate leads. To do that you need to provide valuable content, be informative, answer questions and go the distance in being helpful. This is how you will ultimately turn those leads into clients.

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