On of the most talked about new developments in New York City is the proposed project for the Astoria neighborhood and even more headway is being made on the project as developers and city officials. The area of Queens is on the verge of a major revitalization with the new proposed development.

The area, which was previously known mostly for hosting housing for middle and working class residents, is now making a foray into the luxury market. This new plan, known as Astoria Cove will be bringing luxury housing to the neighborhood. The project was just discussed on Wednesday at the City Planning Commission meeting. The project, which is being proposed by Alma realty, will include all of the bells and whistles. The developers have proposed adding a 1,7234 unit development on the Queens area waterfront.

The project will take existing industrial land and transform it into 1.7 million square feet of developed space, that will be mostly residential. The development will be spread over five different buildings. The tallest building will rise up to 32 stories. While some have voiced concerns over the development and the lack of affordable housing in the region, luxury buyers are already excited about what these waterfront homes could potentially offer. The development will include more than just luxury housing, they will also have retail, restaurants, and there is even a proposed area for an elementary school, to bring more of a community feel to the development. The area will also feature a new supermarket and potentially a ferry route to Manhattan.

This area of Queens has long been known as an industrial portion of the city, but with the new development some of the existing worn down warehouses and factories will be removed for the development if it goes through. The property still has to be voted on, during the end of September. However, if the project does go through it will mean major changes not only for Astoria but for all of New York City.

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