In the market for a new home? Or maybe you’re thinking about some serious renovations. While most people put the majority of their time and effort into the ‘living’ spaces of their home, if you’re looking for luxury and the perfect get away from it all spot in your own home, consider your master bath.

Any one or more of these deluxe must haves will transform your master bath into dream getaway, offering you a spa experience that will leaving you feeling rested and rejuvenated. If your prefer a shower to a bath, just imagine a hot shower with dual shower heads. Instead of one centered head you are indulged with two heads that double the water and double the angles. There are no leaking problems to contend with and they often offer specialty options such as adjustable pressure that allows you to amp up pressure one side for that achy shoulder. Not only that, but massaging options each head to pulsate at different settings giving you the feel of a hot tub in your own shower. If you can’t do without a bathtub you are in for a treat with a Japanese-style soaking tub. Ideal for smaller or unusual shaped spaces, it allows the soaker to completely submerge in the water. For the very ultimate experience you can have your very own sauna installed in your home and, contrary to popular belief, they do not take up too much space.

As for master bath decor the cold look of tile is quickly being replaced by the warmth of wood. Specialty finishes and marine grade supplies allows homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of wood in a number of ways. One luxurious wood option for your master bath is a live-edge wood slab that works with both modern and rustic themes. The use of live-edge wood slab is a luxurious feature increasingly being seen in the master bath. If wood isn’t your thing, consider the elegance and style of black and white. Basic black and white is versatile and fool proof.Use it in the tile flooring, walls, accessories and more. Horizontal black wall tiles are just one option for a sophisticated contemporay look in the master bath. Whatever design you choose be assured that your look will still be chic and eye catching ten years and beyond.

Luxury and first class design in the master bath never goes out of style.

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