Much like kitchens, realtors often say that bathrooms can be some of the biggest selling points in any home. This is because bathrooms are not only functional, but they also offer a certain amount of serenity and the right bathroom can be a spa-like retreat in the home. With the right design tips, your bathroom can be one of the most calming and beautiful places in the home. In order to create this type of luxury retreat, there are a few tips to consider regarding basic bathroom design.

Add Your Own Spa Like Benefits
Feel free to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa with the right design tips. In addition to adding luxury fixtures, stunning tiles and serene spa-like colors there are other additions that can be made to any bathroom. Heated floors are a popular addition for those looking to create that spa-like feel, and actually a more manageable afternoon-long upgrade that the right contractor can handle quickly. Its a small addition but one that will make any person feel like they are in a spa the second they step out of the shower.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make it Big
One of the biggest challenges that comes with creating a luxury bathroom is that most people assume that bathrooms have to be small. If you are constructing a new home or doing a major renovation, don’t be afraid to play with size in your bathrooms. When you consider how much time you really spend in this room of the house, it only makes sense to add plenty of space. Many high-end luxury bathrooms are now having fireplaces, seating areas, coffee bars and more. Think beyond just a toilet, tub and sink and think about creating a retreat you will be happy to spend time in.

Splurge on the Right Tech
For many people, the majority of their time at home, in between work and other responsibilities, is actually spent in the bathroom getting ready. With this in mind,n don’t forget to add technology into this much-used space. As tech advancements continue to find their ways into every part of the home, its important to remember that the bathroom should be no different. Consider mirrors with built in televisions, they are an investment, but offer a great deal in terms of convenience. Built in speakers are another popular option for those who like to listen to music while they get ready.

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