Over the past few years, the area of New York known as the Upper West Side has become a popular pocket of activity, especially in terms of real estate transactions. For the many people considering moving to New York, this area of the city is one of the most popular to consider. However, before investing in Upper West Side real estate, there are a few important things to keep in mind about buying in this area of the city.

Know Why the Upper West Side is So Popular

There are many reasons as to why Upper West Side real estate is so popular. However, before you buy a home in this area of the city, it is important to know why this region has become so loved by home buyers. The Upper West Side is known for having some of the best shopping, restaurants and activities in New York. With this in mind, make sure that you are looking at properties that take advantage of all that this area of the city has to offer.

Look at Schools

The Upper West Side is full of families, which is why it is one of the most popular areas of the city. With this in mind, education has become a top priority for the many looking to buy Upper West Side real estate should study up on the local schools in the area. There are both public and private schools in this area of the city from the public P.S. 87 to P.S. 344 or private schools such as the Collegiate School and the Trinity School. With plenty of options in mind, buyers should research schools in the area to make certain they are near the schools they want their child to attend.

Determine Cost of Living

One of the often overlooked parts of budgeting for a home in an area such as the Upper West Side, is determining cost of living. This is an important component to consider when figuring out how much Upper West Side real estate you can actually afford. This includes budgeting for entertainment, school tuition, public transportation and the cost of things like eating out in the area. WIth such as popular city location, the cost of living in an area can greatly influence your budget. Keep this in mind to make certain you can come up with a reasonable budget for your new home.

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