Details on one of the biggest listings to hit the New York City luxury real estate market, in years, have just been released, and this impressive listing is setting new high standards for this booming market. While many have been speculating about the details of this listing for some time, the official information on the city’s most expensive home is now available to the public. The listing is a three penthouse combination from on top of the Ritz Carlton in Batter Park City. The West Street home is being listed for $118.5 million.

The goal of the home is to combine the three separate apartments on the 39th and 40th floor to create a single, massive duplex. Once the construction is complete, the home will be 15,434 square feet in size. This does not include the home’s four terraces, which when combined equal 2,200 square feet. The home has the potential for 12 or more bedrooms, 15 or more bathrooms and at least three kitchens. The property will also boast 20 foot ceilings throughout. Individually, the penthouses consisted of a three bedroom home, four bedroom home and a five bedroom home.

This home will take the title from the Upper east Side townhouse that was once the most expensive in the city at $114 million. This won’t be the only $100 million or more home in the city either. However, in addition to setting a trend in terms of cost of homes, the new penthouse combo may be ushering in a new luxury real estate trend of combining some of the biggest and best homes in the city to create sprawling properties many in New York City never thought were possible. As the luxury market continues to boom in the Big Apple, luxury real estate customers continue to look for more and to try to find the right property to really exceed their expectations and offer that ‘wow’ factor. Combining luxury homes, such as the project at the Ritz Carlton, for single listings, may just be the new trend in the market to help luxury buyers see new potential in homes around the city.

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