Pinterest and NYC Real Estate
Some tips, tools & ideas on how to use Pinterest for your real estate business.

In the line up of social media sites that real estate agents are adding to their arsenal of marketing tools, Pinterest is catching up in popularity. If you’re not familiar with the site, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. Though the other sites real estate agents are using, such as Facebook and Twitter, offer the opportunity to add photos, Pinterest’s main goal is visualization.

When you sign up for Pinterest you can create an unlimited amount of boards. Each board can be titled and focused on a particular subject matter. On each board you are able to pin unlimited pictures found anywhere on the web and, what Pinterest is famous for, re-pin pictures from fellow Pinterest members. Once pinned, followers of your board can like the pin and re-pin it to their boards. With the opportunity to have your pictures, or pins, shared by hundreds, even thousands, of fellow Pinterest members, you can see the value of being part of this virtual bulletin board community. So now you’re wondering how a bunch of pictures can be important to your real estate business? Visuals can give your real estate listings more visibility with the simple click of a mouse.

Like any other social media site, Pinterest revolves around engaging followers who have come to trust that they can find what they’re looking for on your boards. It’s another way of billing yourself as an expert in anything real estate. It’s not a place to just pummel your followers with endless listings. Yes, put up boards about your real estate business. You can set up boards specifically for condos, co-ops and rentals with eye catching photos. If it’s your specialty, find pictures and design a board about relocating, positioning yourself as a relocation specialist. But don’t neglect to offer followers boards about life at home. After all, most people are coming to a real estate agent to help them find their dream home. Offer your followers a diversity of boards related to home.

Consider boards for the individual neighborhoods you have listings in with pictures of attractions in the area – cafes, art galleries, shops, theaters – so that followers,potential clients, can get a feel for the area. After finding the perfect home, homeowners are often trying to figure out what to do with the interior. How about boards dedicated to each room in a home? How about boards with pictures of different styles in furnishings? A board dedicated to color schemes? A board dedicated to the very latest in fixtures? And a board dedicated to ‘must have’ amenities and luxuries? You get the picture, no pun intended.

Once you have begun your marketing campaign on Pinterest, keep in mind a few things. It’s called social media for a reason. Don’t forget to be social. Just as you want to engage followers, you should be doing the same. Follow people and boards that relate to your own mission on Pinterest. Pose questions with your pins and listen to what your followers have to say about listings, locations etc. This regular interaction with followers will give you constant fresh content to re-pin to your boards and the opportunity to build relationships that result in real estate leads.

Is Pinterest time consuming? Like any other social media site Pinterest requires that you put time and effort in to get results. It’s like any other means of building relationships and networking with potential clients – you need to be offering fresh and relevant content at regular intervals. Pinterest is an opportunity to continue to promote yourself as an authority and expert in the real estate market.

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