When it comes to buying real estate in popular markets such as New York City, luxury buyers can often be overwhelmed by the amount of choices that they have and finding the right high end property to invest in. Most of these homes are far over the $3 million dollar range; in fact the average sale price of luxury properties in the city is at $5.4 million. This means it’s no small investment when it comes to choosing a luxury property in the Big Apple. While many focus on location when it comes to finding their luxury homes, in a place like New York City, buyers need to focus on a number of other features and characteristics to make sure they are getting the most out of their new investment, as every neighborhood and every location in New York City in unique and comes with their own benefits.

One of the first things to look for when it comes to investing in a luxury property is the view and the lighting in the home. Homes that let in natural light and have great views often have more resale value. Another thing that can help boost resale value is high ceiling height. Higher ceilings can be a must when buying New York City homes that are low on space. Another thing that tends to make luxury properties not only unique but so highly cherished is the unique architecture that tends to appear in these homes. Look for properties with architectural uniqueness as these will present more appeal to future buyers down the road that are looking for truly spectacular luxury properties that are worth the price.

Storage is another important feature that luxury buyers need to pay attention to when it comes to New York City luxury real estate. In cities such as New York where space is often limited, having storage space in a high-end property is of the utmost importance. Other features in the home that add space to the home in areas such as New York City such as an in-unit laundry, gym, and other amenities that add to the home in this city are also quite important for the luxury buyer.

While location is important for luxury buyers in all neighborhoods, when it comes to buying one of the exquisite luxury properties in New York City, there is so much more that buyers need to be aware of when it comes to making smart real estate investments.

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