The real estate professional who wants to be successful has to do more than focus on inbound marketing. Though inbound marketing, the use of social media sites such as Facebook, has been add to the list of ‘musts’ for a successful real estate career, real estate professionals can not afford to overlook the value of mobile marketing.

There are currently close to a half million mobile subscriptions in the United States today. This statistic is the red flag waving to any business that hopes to succeed today. The real estate industry is no exception. Everywhere you look today you will see someone using their mobile device for a variety of purposes, whether to watch videos, make reservations at a hotel or buy tickets to an event. It’s the ideal time for the real estate professional to benefit and profit by focusing on mobile marketing. Real estate professionals have long embraced advances in technology. It is time for them to use this technology when putting together their marketing campaigns for potential clients. Ideally, real estate professionals need to incorporate the use of SMS/Text messaging, QR codes and mobile applications to obtain the full potential of mobile marketing.

Due to the fact that many people prefer the ease and speed of texting, text messaging campaigns can be successfully used to collect and manage leads. The real estate professional need only devise a code for their advertising. The potential client enters the code, which is sent to a designated number. The real estate professional now has access to this potential client by way of communicating with them instantly through their handheld device. There are no SPAM issues and, unlike email, your message has higher odds of being since human nature shows that most people respond to a text message upon receiving it. The ability to send the potential client detailed information, listing videos and more is limitless.

QR, or Quick Response codes, can be found just about anywhere today from magazine ads, product packaging, business cards and web pages. The opportunity for use of QR is boundless. QR codes are used to take information from a transitory media and put it into the user’s cell phone. QR codes may look like bar codes but in truth can store more data, text and links. Most importantly, the QR code can digitally present the stored information. For the successful real estate professional, QR codes need to be implemented as they will enable clients to quickly and conveniently access your listings.

Mobile marketing can be credited with speeding up the whole real estate process.Mobile marketing allows the real estate professional the ability to reach potential clients easily, whether via their smart phone, tablet or any other mobile device. This technology has made client’s search for real estate a much more pleasant experience, a boon for the professional real estate agent. Instant communication with a potential client is most effective, resulting in smoother, quicker deals and future referrals. In a business where referrals are highly desired leads, mobile marketing is proving to be a must in order to succeed in the real estate industry.

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