One of the biggest challenges of surviving today’s real estate market comes with finding the best way to grow their business. Keeping up with the demands of the industry can be difficult enough without attempting to market and grow a business. The good news is, there are several easy ways to grow your real estate business simply by utilizing social media. There are actually more than a billion people on Facebook from around the world, meaning a single Facebook post can reach millions in an instant. One in every two American adults has Facebook, while more than 400 million individuals have Twitter accounts.

Before attempting to start to grow your business through social media, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding real estate growth. The first thing to remember is that growing your real estate business takes a long time, and it can take several years for social media campaigns to really take effect. With this in mind, remember to stay diligent with routine social media posts with the idea in mind that eventually, over the course of a few years, they can result in more business, and more engaged followers.

Another thing to remember is that when creating a social media campaign, it is important to stop thinking like a marketer and to start thinking like a real estate customer. Approach every social media post like a real person and think about, not what marketing statistics say you should post, but what you would want to hear about as a customer. This can help you earn the trust of individuals around the web and start gathering a more dedicated following of current and potential customers. Trust is important when it comes to forming relationships within the real estate market.

With this in mind, it is important to do more than just tell customers to “Like me on Facebook.” Give them a reason, explain to them what is in it for them if they like or follow you and start giving them solid information they can rely on. You an say something like “Follow me on Facebook to see all of the area’s top listings first,” to engage your customers.

It can take a while to grow your real estate business, but with social media by your side, over time you will truly see growth. It takes diligence, and the dedication of putting at least 30 minutes a day towards your social media campaign and you can start seeing results fast.

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