New developments and the converting of rental buildings to condos continues to contribute to the rise of upper west side condos.

It’s expected that West 75th street will be in the throes of a major construction project and the Astor will be halfway to completion of a rental-to-condo conversion. These are just two examples of dramatic changes in answer to the demand for upper west side condos. The upper west side has seen an up tick in development. And despite some who will say that developers won’t be able to squeeze out any more room for building on the upper west side, it’s evident that developers are making use of every available nook and cranny.

In comparison to the upper east side, the upper west side’s value hasn’t been recognized up until now. Though the upper west side hasn’t commanded the high prices of the upper east side, developers of upper west side condos are in the know when it comes to its high absorption rate. With some of the city’s best private and public schools, upper west side condos are being sought after more than in years past. The Astor is just one of several developments that are converting rentals into upper west side condos that will continue into 2015. The Chatsworth and The Orleans are two other developments that will offer luxury upper west side condos to meet the surge in demand in this market.

The strategy behind meeting this demand for upper west side condos is oddly being executed very simply – developers are doing a makeover on an already classic, usually combining units to give future residents an abundance of living space. These buildings are attracting buyers with their classic beauty and elegance while giving buyers the conveniences that today’s living demands such as fitness rooms and playrooms.

Whether it’s an old classic getting an update or a new condo from the ground up, the demand is steady with many buyers uninterested in residing in any neighborhood other than the upper west side. Pushing up the demand, too, are the young professionals who once would never consider living on the upper west side who are now looking at all the neighborhood has to offer them.

It’s not just developers who are taking advantage of the demand for upper west side condos either. Many downtown businesses are now taking their wares to the upper west side in the hopes of gaining business from the surge of new residents.

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