As YouTube continues to be a popular, and powerful tool for professionals in the real estate business, many have discovered that YouTube is slowly becoming one of the most powerful tools available for real estate professionals. In fact, recent statistics on the popularity of YouTube and its influence on customers show just how much this social media platform can benefit those in the real estate business.

According to these reports, approximately 73 percent of home buyers stated that online videos have influenced decisions they have made during the home buying process. This includes decisions regarding brokerages, homes and realtors. YouTube is the most popular resource, ahead of brokerage websites, to find real estate videos. When doing searches on YouTube, the phrase “buying a home” returns more than 821,000 results, while “how to find a real estate agent” returns more than 102,000 results. This mean,s those searching are looking for more than just videos of properties.

The study also found that while only 12 percent of real estate professionals have a YouTube account, this number is actually a higher percentage than those who own small businesses, meaning more real estate pros are on YouTube than small business owners, and the numbers are only growing. In fact, the number of real estate related searches on YouTube has more than doubled in the last four years. Stats on the power of YouTube videos have revealed that video content has a higher click through rate of approximately 43% when compared to other posts. The same statistic also revealed that these posts tend to be ranked higher by Google.

With this in mind, those in the real estate business who are looking to make the most of their online marketing efforts, need to consider the power and prevalence of YouTube and what this video platform can do in terms of boosting business. As stats on the current and future success of YouTube continue to impress, it seems clear that this platform is the future “must utilize” tool for successful internet marketing.

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