Living in a city such as New York often means living luxuriously in some of the most desired neighborhoods in the city. It also, however, usually means giving up a lot of space. This is why one of the biggest additions you can make to any home is to design luxurious closets to accommodate your space. Storage is always a much needed amenity in homes throughout New York City, and nothing screams luxury quite like a beautiful, storage-filled master closet. Here are a few of the top tips on how to make the most of any master closet space and to transform this area of the master bedroom from a closet to a luxurious addition to your home.


The difference between a master closet and an ordinary closet space is all in the lighting. Adorning this area with stunning chandeliers or extra lighting above the organizers can make the area look more like a finished space. This also can make it easier to find clothes and to get dressed in the morning. Consider a mixture of ceiling lighting and spot lighting throughout the closet.

Accessory Organization

Some master closets don’t really live up to their luxury potential because they look cluttered and messy. Many times this is because there isn’t a space for everything and there isn’t any room for accessories. Leaving accessories out and around a space is an easy way to make a beautiful closet look utterly drab. With this in mind, make sure the closet is outfitted with plenty of accessory organization.


For a master closet to truly have that luxury touch, seating is key. Add a bench for putting shoes on and invest in an item that also doubles as storage. Another great seating addition can be placed in front of a mirror and accessory storage to act as an in-closet vanity.

Dressing Tables

If you have the room, dressing tables are a great addition to any closet space. They add extra storage and provide a clean surface for folding and organizing clothes. The dressing table is kind of like the kitchen island for your closet and can really leave a ‘wow’ impact inside your space.

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