Whether it’s in print or online, somewhere in those top ten lists of most popular places to live and buy real estate is New York City. NYC luxury real estate has experienced favorable attention in the news and the market segment continues to soar.

What comes to mind for most people when they think New York City are those elegant, luxurious skyscrapers that look like wall to wall carpeting, covering every inch of the city. Though New York City is thought of as the epicenter of business, the NYC luxury real estate market is giving New York City another name – on of the most popular cities for luxury real estate. Few will argue that New York City isn’t equated with luxury real estate. NYC luxury real estate is the most popular choice for those seeking luxury, amenity filled homes. With something for everyone’s tastes, NYC luxury real estate is highly sought after. Whether someone is looking to work or play, NYC luxury real estate has more to offer than any luxury market in the world. NYC luxury real estate offers a plethora of amenities in itself beyond what the individual buildings have to offer.

NYC luxury real estate offers residents an abundance of beautiful parks, Wall Street, Times Square, Broadway and more. Where else but in New York City can anyone enjoy such a diverse selection of shopping, culture and dining? For the person interested in NYC luxury real estate there are more choices of neighborhoods than in any other other market in the world. Though most people associate NYC luxury real estate with Park Avenue and Central Park, there are many more neighborhoods to choose from.

One of the neighborhoods to consider when looking for NYC luxury real estate is Carnegie Hill. If the name is familiar it’s because the neighborhood was named after the Fifth Avenue mansion of steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie. This posh neighborhood is situated in the Upper East Side and highly sought after. The unique feature of this are area of NYC luxury real estate is its Neo-Gothic mansions and lush tree-lined streets. Residents of Carnegie Hill enjoy seeing some of the city’s most historical and beautiful architecture.

You couldn’t discuss NYC luxury real estate without including the neighborhood of Lenox Hill. Dubbed ‘the other east side’, Lenox Hill borders Central Park giving residents lush green views from their residences. Lenox Hill offers an array of fine dining and high end designer shopping options. Historical buildings and famous landmarks make everyday walking in this neighborhood a pleasure for residents of Lenox Hill. Another option for those who are looking for NYC luxury real estate is the neighborhood of Lincoln Square. Named after its most famous resident, Lincoln Center, Lincoln Square is located in the Upper West Side. No list of NYC luxury real estate neighborhoods would be complete without mentioning Lincoln Square with its luxury condos, cultural attractions and fine dining. For those seeking a bit of quiet without sacrificing all that New York City has to offer, Lincoln Square is an ideal option to consider when looking for NYC luxury real estate.

The epitome of luxury real estate will always be said to be the neighborhoods surrounding Central Park such as Central Park West.Referred to as the grandest streetscape in the city, this illustrious neighborhood is unmatched when it comes to architecture and views. The area is home to famous luxury buildings such as The San Remo, The Majestic and 15 Central Park West, known as 15 CPW. Central Park West’s buildings are home to fame and fortune ranging from famous actors to tycoons of all kinds. This highly desired area is home to the creme of the crop when it comes to NYC luxury real estate.

With locations and amenities to please even the most discerning buyer, NYC luxury real estate continues to remain the most popular choice for domestic and International buyers.

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