new-tesla-solar-roofThe future of solar technology is here. Elon Musk took this technology used in the roofs of houses and incorporated it into the new Tesla model 3 prototype car. These new solar panels look nothing like a bulky piece of technology that carries electric currents. In fact, they are made of textured glass and are completely inconspicuous.

In addition to the new solar roof, the new Powerwall charging station packs twice the capacity as the first and for half the price. Electricity storage is crucial with the addition of solar power technology because more electricity is being produced in the middle of the day than people can consume.

tesla-solar-roof-2Tesla says we should be seeing a slow initial rollout within the next nine months. Not only will their solar technology be available for cars, but for homeowners as well through SolarCity under the Tesla brand. Although the new roofs are a bit pricey, it ends up saving you money compared to someone who buys a comparable traditional roof and electricity.

There are still a lot more details that will be hammered out in the near future, and then we will know for certain is Musk’s vision will be more than just a great television backdrop.

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