Jen Lee, Executive Manager of Sales

Do you remember the initial excitement you had when you got your real estate license? Remember how great you felt when you got your first commission check? It was FUN. Your loved your new career.


It’s easy to become pigeonholed in real estate.

Did you become a rental specialist that always wanted to do sales but never had the courage to make the leap? Did you join a team that only focuses on building the business of the team leader and not your own? Did you end up at a big name corporate behemoth that treats you like a number and not a human being? Did you join a small company that doesn’t help you get your business to the next level? Real estate stopped being fun.


BLU Realty Group is a company with experienced and ethical professionals that will give you the training and support for you to start working on sales from Day 1. We have unique storefront exposure since we are inside of BLU Café, on West 66th Street and Riverside Boulevard. The work environment is fun, fast paced and challenging. The management team is committed to helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself. We provide one-on-one training and mentorship to ensure that you have the personal tools to succeed in both sales and rentals.

We are looking for licensed real estate agents who are motivated and want to break out of their current pigeonhole. People at BLU are passionate for real estate, detail oriented, and focused on client service. Our agents come from diverse backgrounds and the differences enable our company to be dynamic and resourceful. Because of this, we love that our agents collaborate and brainstorm with each other so it encourages mutual success. Working at BLU will bring you to the next level of your career, and help you remember the joy you had when you first started in real estate.

Rediscover your passion. Rediscover your joy. JOIN BLU.


Jen Lee
Executive Manager of Sales
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